Compilation of reviews, feature articles and opinions about our hotel in press, magazines, as well as blogs written by our guests. You might also be interested in press articles about  Costa Brava in which our hotel is mentioned.

You can also read the reviews that our guests have been writing over time in Tripadvisor, where we have been ranked at the top of the  best hotels in Spain, (and the best hotel in Begur, and the best hotel in Costa Brava), according to traveler´s reviews. The Hotel Aiguaclara has won the "Tripadvisor 2011 Traveller´s Choice Award", which lists the top 25 hotels in Spain preferred by european travelers, for the second year in a row.

    Aiguaclara, un lujo para Begur

    María Güell, ABC, Agosto 2000

    Aiguaclara, en el Top Ten

    María Güell, ABC, Febrero 2010

    Arquitectura en Begur

    Revista Alto Standing, Julio 2006

    Aires colonials a Begur

    Suplement dominical Avui, Agost 2007 (pdf)


    Revista Casa & Campo nº 160, 2005

    The Costa Brava Retreat

    Sarah - Away Together, April 2010

    Une revissante maison traditionelle

    Revista Coté Sud, Julio 2007

    Havens of relaxation: boutique Hotels and Spas

    The Daily Telegraph, Mayo 2009

    The hidden Gems on the Costa Brava

    The Mail on Sunday, Travel, February 2011

    A perfect retreat on Spain’s Costa Brava

    Darn Good Digs, July 2010

    Tentaciones Hoteles

    Revista deViajes, Abril 2010

    El millor hotel d'Espanya

    Diari de Girona, Enero 2010

    Eye Candy for the Style Hungry

    Victoria Williams - May 2009

    A romantic historic mansion

    The Globe and Mail, Octubre 2010

    Un Palacio de Indianos

    Revista Habitania, Octubre 2008 (Reportaje en PDF)

    Especial Navidad

    Revista Hogares nº 417, 2003

    Hoteles Acogedores

    Jessica Lawson, Editorial Atrium, 2009

    Vestir la cama de otoño

    Revista Interiores nº 92, 2008

    Un rincón romántico

    La Vanguardia, Diciembre 2002

    Un palacete del siglo XIX

    La Vanguardia, Junio 2006

    Un hotel con encanto

    Revista "Mi Casa"

    Bienvenido a la "ciudad slow"

    Andrea Arabia, Mujer Hoy, Septiembre 2009 (pdf)

    Especial Hoteles

    Revista Nuevo Estilo nº 353

    Turismo rural

    Revista Paraisos nº 3, Verano 2007

    En casa de amigos

    El Periódico, Abril 2010

    Red House Design

    Anna Engstrom, August 2010

    Donde habita la calma

    Suplemento Decoración Woman, 2003 (pdf)